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, epidermatic (ep'i-dĕr'măl, -der-mat'ik),
Relating to the epidermis.
Synonym(s): epidermic
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, epidermatic (ep'i-dĕr'măl, -mat'ik)
Relating to the epidermis.
Synonym(s): epidermic.
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Referring to the thin outermost layer of the skin, itself made up of several layers, that covers and protects the underlying dermis (skin).
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Therefore, a progressive hyperplasia of epidermal appendages would occur, becoming crooked and dysplastic afterwards, in response to some non-established component (such as a genetic predisposition or a repeated trauma).
The graft effectively covers the deep wound, keeping infection out and soon integrates with the existing tissue and the site from which the graft has been taken will re-epithelialise from the foci that are the remnants of the epidermal appendages. Another possibility is to use 'tissue engineered' skin substitutes such as the so-called skin equivalents.
Buds of epidermal appendages (hair follicles and sweat glands) were scattered in a dense and homogeneous dermis (Fig.
Epithelial proliferation and migration starts at both the wound edges and the epidermal cells lining the epidermal appendages allowing for quick resurfacing.
Congenital dermoid cysts epithelial-lined cysts containing epidermal appendages such as hair, sebum, and sebaceous and apocrine glands--are formed as the embryonic fusion lines of the skull close and structures get sequestered into the skin.