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(ep?i-de-me-ol'o-je) [ epi- + Gr. demos, people + -logy]
The study of the distribution and determinants of health-related states and events in populations and the application of this study to the control of health problems. Epidemiology is concerned with the study of epidemic diseases caused by infectious agents and with health-related phenomena including accidents, suicide, climate, toxic agents (e.g., lead, air pollution), and catastrophes due to ionizing radiation.
See: pharmacoepidemiologyepidemiologicepidemiological (ep?i-de-me-o-loj'ik) (ep?i-de-me-o-loj'i-kal), adjective
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Epidemiologic investigations of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Epidemiologic studies on the relationship between infections early in life and PD are definitively inconclusive.
Several epidemiologic studies have examined the possible link between aluminum (A1) and AD, with conflicting results.
Epidemiologic observations on Parkinson's disease: incidence and mortallity in a prospective study of middle-aged men.
In the epidemiologic project being carried out in East Harlem, Dr.
Centers for Coordinated Parkinson's Epidemiologic Research Are Born
The epidemiologic investigation associated with the outbreak identified the boiled crab eaten in the restaurant as the most probable source of the infection.
Recent epidemiologic research into PCBs' effects on human TH function has been inconsistent, and some studies have found no effect at exposure levels higher than those in this study.
The incorporation of epidemiologic evidence into risk assessments is an important part of understanding and characterizing risks from environmental and occupational exposures.
Washington, October 24 ( ANI ): A review paper by two scientists at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in the USA has described the epidemiologic and basic scientific evidence linking alcohol consumption to the risk of breast cancer.
Understand the key epidemiologic risk factors associated with COPD in India.
The utility of proximity-based herbicide exposure assessment in epidemiologic studies of Vietnam veterans.