epidemic hemorrhagic fever

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occuring suddenly in numbers clearly in excess of normal expectancy, in contrast to endemic or sporadic. The term is used especially of infectious diseases but is also applied to any disease, injury, or other health-related event occurring in such outbreaks.
epidemic hemorrhagic fever an acute infectious disease thought to be transmitted to humans by mites or chiggers; characteristics include fever, purpura, peripheral vascular collapse, and acute renal failure.
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hem·or·rhag·ic fe·ver with re·nal syn·drome

a form of disorder caused by the Hantaan virus.
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ep·i·dem·ic hem·or·rhag·ic fe·ver

(ep'i-dem'ik hem'ŏr-aj'ik fē'vĕr)
Hantavirus infection, an acute febrile disease transmitted to human beings by exposure to feces of infected rodents; besides fever, myalgia, headache, and anorexia, it causes a petechial eruption and acute renal failure, manifested by oliguria, proteinuria, azotemia, and hypertension.
See: Hantavirus
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