epicranius muscle

ep·i·cra·ni·us mus·cle

(ep'i-krā'nē-ŭs mŭs'ĕl)
Composed of the epicranial aponeurosis and the muscles inserting into it, i.e., the occipitofrontalis muscle and temporoparietalis muscle.
Synonym(s): musculus epicranius [TA] .
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Other authors state that it is continuous with other mimetic muscles such as the zygomaticus major muscle, the frontal belly of the epicranius muscle, and the orbicularis oculi muscle [1, 3].
In adults, it has been pointed out that the temporoparietalis muscle is a muscular lamina of variable development located between the frontal belly of the epicranius muscle and the anterior and posterior auricularis muscles [3].