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Relating to the epicranium.
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Deshpande and Wininger reported a case report of successful use of PFNS for treatment of headache with combined epicranial temporal and occipital stimulation at the 24-month follow-up.
Head orange brown with darkly pigmented frontal spot and well-developed epicranial suture (Fig.
The head is pale brown, the posterior margin and lateral areas dark, as are the epicranial and clypeal sutures.
(1-3) It is continuous with the galea aponeurotica (epicranial aponeurosis) at the superior temporal line and the superficial musculoaponeurotic system below the zygomatic arch.
On magnetic resonance imaging, the lesion was found to be sinus pericranii--a rare disorder described in the literature as being "characterized by a congenital or acquired epicranial blood-filled nodule of the scalp that is in communication with an intracranial dural sinus through dilated diploic veins of the skull" (J.
Head prognathous, yellowish with dark brown sutures; epicranial suture not present; frontoclypeus and labrum brown, more than twice as long as wide; two stemmata; C1 and C2 approximate, F1 at middle of frons, AF1 and AF2 located dorsally on adfrontal area; labrum with six setae on each side externally and three setae on each side internally, medially setose; mandible with two rows of serrations.
This occurs when emissary veins are damaged and blood accumulates in the potential space between the galea aponeurotica (epicranial aponeurosis) and the periosteum of the skull (pericraniaum).