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Geomedicine The point on the earth’s surface directly above the origin (hypocentre) of an earthquake
Vox populi The term has been widely used to refer to the centre or fulcrum of any situation
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Furthermore, the impact of epicentral distance and azimuth to measured GPS-derived displacement (GPS-displacement) was analysed by comparing the size of GPS-derived peak ground displacement from various stations and taking into account the focal mechanism of a specified event, which suggest the expected effects of seismic wave propagation.
Indicated are the locations of the Khait earthquake epicentral region, the Rogun and Nurek sites, and the Baipaza landslide just downstream from the Baipaza HPP.
The presence of the theoretically estimated "unusual" higher-frequency wave (some 10 Hz) for the epicentral distance over 100 km might be suspicious.
We selected 130 of the events registered at the "EL ROSAL" station that had magnitudes (Mb) greater than 2.1 and epicentral distances less than 120 kilometers.
Among my first influences, which come from enthusiastic adolescent reading interests, are Rimbaud, badly read, but read with a great deal of passion in difficult times; and Cesar Vallejo, as a poet who reveals the force of language and poetic voice, an epicentral and foundational poet.
Relatively strong variations in damage to buildings and assessed intensities were observed in the area, especially in the Bovec basin at similar epicentral distances.
Epicentral Founded tn 2011 by 409 N Tejon Lisa Tessarowtcz St.
Some moderate events have occurred in the north and east of the investigated area where intensity IX was suggested in epicentral area for the biggest known event.