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Geomedicine The point on the earth’s surface directly above the origin (hypocentre) of an earthquake
Vox populi The term has been widely used to refer to the centre or fulcrum of any situation
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* Southeastern Pennsylvania Adult and Pediatric Prevention Epicenter Network (University of Pennsylvania), Philadelphia.
"The Prevention Epicenter program discovers solutions and refines them so they can work to prevent infections for all health care settings," Dr.
Epicenter Collection shops or showcases will have merchandise on display in anywhere from 600 square feet to 6,000 square feet; the average is expected to be 1,500 square feet.
Similarly, InGaAs, an important material in the development of monolithic optical and electrical device interfaces, "grows a 30-A-thick oxide layer when exposed to air," says Epicenter researcher Jim Kolodzey.
The Epicenter system is built around four sets of stainless steel transfer tubes connected to form an X.
Although the Epicenter only recently was completed, the principal researchers already have nine research papers in print concerning their Epicenter MBE research, with more to come.
A complex system like the Epicenter takes time to learn.
"About 50% of the MBE research being performed in the Epicenter currently involves transferring samples between chambers," says Morkoc.