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2013), whose high value was due to the presence of epicarp in the PPF.
The seeds in which seed coat was not removed (intact seeds) did not germinate even when treated with different concentrations of GA3, IAA and also after removal of epicarp and mesocarp.
Epicarp smooth (rarely with indument, scale-like spines, or bristles when unripe), not splitting when ripe; pistillate flowers 2--5 per rachilla.
28 Brix; they concluded that sweetness, pulp content, and epicarp thickness are important characteristics for the cultivation and marketing of Mexican plum varieties originating from Yucatan.
While many arecoid fruits have a smooth epicarp surface, some members of the Cocoseae subtribe Attaleinae, such as Attalea, Syagrus and Lytocaryum, have furrows or striations in the epicarp similar to those found in Tripylocarpa.
Fruit ellipsoid to obovoid or subglobose, shortly rostrate, epicarp sparsely to densely spiny, mesocarp fleshy-fibrous, endocarp bony, externally with appressed blackish, anastomizing fibers forming a star-like pattern around germinating pores, these located in distal third or sub-apical, endosperm homogeneous.
The red-coated fruits of the Turkana doum palm were scrapped with a hand rasp to remove the epicarp and expose the mesocarp.
Designation, epicarp color, plant color, glume color, and pedigree of Tx2921 through Tx2928.
TABLE 3: Chemical and physical properties of charcoal produced from the carbonization of the epicarp and endocarp of the macaw palm fruit.