ependymal cyst

e·pen·dy·mal cyst

a circumscribed distention of some portion of the central canal of the spinal cord or of the cerebral ventricles.
Synonym(s): neural cyst
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The onset symptom (the syncope) as seen in our case was previously described in literature as being related to a cyst in a case of an ependymal cyst in cerebello-pontine angle; in two different cases of hydatid cysts; in a case of dermoid cyst as in present case but located in sacral area, not an ovarian cyst.
An Ependymal Cyst in Cerebello- Pontine Angle Presenting with Syncope.
The differential diagnosis seen on MRI includes ganglion cysts, ependymal cysts, synovial cysts, epidermoid cysts or dermoid cysts, enterogenous cysts, teratogenous cysts, hydatid cysts, and intervertebral disc cysts (5,6).