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Relating to the ependyma.
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Relating to the ependyma.
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(ĕp-ĕn′dĭ-mă) [Gr. ependyma, an upper garment, wrap]
The epithelial lining of the cerebral ventricles and the central canal of the spinal cord. The lining is composed of a single cell layer. Most of the cells have microvilli and motile cilia on their outer surface.
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At the region where the wall of the hemisphere is attached to the roof of the diencephalon, the wall of the telencephalon is thin, formed of a single layer of ependymal cells covered by vascular mesenchyme, and together they form the choroid plexus of the lateral ventricle (Fig.
Identity crisis for adult periventricular neural stem cells: subventricular zone astrocytes, ependymal cells or both?
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Pyogenic ventriculitis is an inflammation of the ciliated ependymal lining of the brain's ventricles, leading to an accumulation of pus within the ventricles themselves [5].
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(c) CE FLAIR view in similar slice location as in (a) three weeks later showing complete subsidence of ependymal contrast-enhancement (white arrow) and disappearance of the fluid-fluid levels (black arrow).
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The ependymal nature of these curious neoplastic cells was also not evident; however, we incidentally came across some canalicular formations lined by ciliated cylindrical cells exhibiting the same vacuolative changes as the signet-ring-like ones (Figure 2(e)).
An immunohistological examination revealed that the specimen lacked arachnoid and ependymal cells (recognized as epithelial membrane antigen- (EMA-) positive cells) as well as glia cells (recognized as glial fibrillary acidic protein(GFAP-) positive cells).
This revealed a rounded, heterogeneous, soft tissue mass with central calcifications opposing the ependymal surface in the ventral body of the right lateral ventricle measuring approximately 12 mm x 18 m.