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A specialist in enzymology.
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The PQQ findings thrilled enzymologists because they helped account for many confusing amine-oxidase characteristics.
Lead Finder satisfies the needs of computational chemists and medicinal chemists involved in the discovery process, pharmacologists and toxicologists involved in the modeling and evaluation of ADMET properties in silico, and biochemists and enzymologists working on enzyme specificity and rational enzyme design.
The corollary of this, well known to practising enzymologists, is that a small [[epsiln].sub.K]/[K.sub.m] ratio is, generally, more desirable than a small [[epsilon].sub.V]/[V.sub.max] ratio (compare Figures 3A and 3B), as is clear from (7).
He intends the material to be useful for practicing enzymologists involved in early stage drug discovery.
For graduate students, researchers, and scholars, Grosjean (structural enzymology and biochemistry, Universite Paris-Sud and Institut de Genetique et de Microbiologie, Center of National Research, France) compiles 41 chapters by geneticists, structural enzymologists, and molecular biologists from Europe, North America, and Japan who discuss aspects of DNA and RNA modification-editing processes and repair mechanisms.
In all these cases, as the basic science surrounding their mechanism of action and their basic chemistry is nearing completion, the toxins (now called "specific molecular probes") have already entered the research arsenals of membrane biologists and physiologists and of neuroscientists and enzymologists. Ultimately, they--or clinical drugs designed on their chemistry--will enter the physician's stockpile of available drugs.