enzyme repression

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1. the act of restraining, inhibiting, or suppressing.
2. in molecular genetics, inhibition of gene transcription by a repressor.
3. in psychiatry, a defense mechanism by which a person unconsciously banishes unacceptable ideas, feelings or impulses from consciousness. A person using repression to obtain relief from mental conflict is unaware of “forgetting” unpleasant situations as a way of avoiding them. If done to an extreme, repression may lead to increased tension and irresponsible behavior that the person himself cannot understand or explain.
enzyme repression interference, usually by the end product of a pathway, with synthesis of the enzymes of that pathway.
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en·zyme re·pres·sion

inhibition of enzyme synthesis by some metabolite.
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enzyme repression

Interference with enzyme synthesis by a metabolic product.
See also: repression
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