enzyme regulation

en·zyme reg·u·la·tion

control of the rate of a reaction catalyzed by an enzyme by some effector (for example, inhibitors or activators) or by alteration of some condition (for example, pH or ionic strength).
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Reduced level of ALP suggested that energy metabolism was affected by reduction in level of phosphorus liberation that in turn decreased metabolism as well as transport of metabolites with decreased rate, could be the direct effect of cantharidin on enzyme regulation. Similar effects of azadirachtin and nucleopolyhedrovirs (NPV) were observed on ALP and other digestive enzymes (Huang et al., 2004; Nathan et al., 2005).
Development of 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors--lessons from cellular enzyme regulation. Biochem Pharmacol.
There is also a lack of data on enzyme regulation of sterol 14[alpha]-demethylase and aromatase after azole exposure and on the putative impact of dietary cholesterol.
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