enzyme kinetics

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en·zyme ki·net·ics

the study of the rates, and alterations in those rates, of enzyme-catalyzed reactions; includes the reactions catalyzed by synzymes, abzymes, and ribozymes.
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We determined NAI 50% inhibitory concentrations ([IC.sub.50]s) of isolates using fluorometric-based NA inhibition assays (5) and evaluated their NA activity ([V.sub.max] [maximum velocity of substrate conversion]) by performing enzyme kinetics experiments (6).
The unit includes monochromator-based individual wavelength selection or wavelength scanning from 200 to 999 nm to accommodate an extensive range of assays, including nucleic acid and protein quantification, ELISA, microbial growth, endotoxin, ROS assays and enzyme kinetics. The onboard software in Epoch 2 eliminates the need for a separate computer and includes predefined common protocols for rapid assay setup and recall.
During the training, Dana learned new techniques such as molecular modelling and docking, enzyme kinetics and tubulin assay, animals handling and in vivo testing, and performed experiments related to discovering novel therapies for the treatment of breast cancer.
The IC50 values of compounds were calculated by using the EZ-Fit Enzyme kinetics software program (Perrella Scientific Inc., Amherst, MA, USA).
The enzyme kinetics of recombinant endo-[beta]-1,4-glucanase against CMC-Na was investigated.It revealed that the apparent Km value of the enzyme determined from the Lineweaver-Burk plot was estimated to be 64.5 mM.
Enzyme kinetics explains the catalytic behavior of enzymes.
The mechanism of hMAO-B inhibition was investigated by enzyme kinetics, following a similar procedure to the MAO inhibition assay.

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