denture cleanser

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den·ture clean·ser

(denchŭr klenzĕr)
Any product used to effectively clean dentures.

denture cleanser,

n a variety of products designed to safely remove stains, deposits, and debris from the surfaces of dental prostheses, by means of immersion or brushing with a denture brush and paste, toothpaste, or powder.
n a chemical ingredient used in some solutions to clean removable oral prostheses. The active ingredient is dilute sodium hypochlorite. It effectively removes food, stains, and plaque, and is readily available in household bleach; it has a strong lingering scent and may damage prostheses.
denture cleanser, alkaline peroxide,
n a light-duty denture cleaner; active ingredient is typically sodium perborate or sodium percarbonate. Comes in tablet or powder form; when combined with water, it creates bubbles. Does not effectively deal with calculus or darker staining.
denture cleanser, dilute acid,
n a chemical containing inorganic acids as its active ingredient; used to clean prosthetic dental appliances in an immersion regimen. Solutions range include 3% to 5% hydrochloric acid or a combination of phosphoric and hydrochloric acids. Regular use of dilute acids can damage any metal on the prosthetic device.
denture cleanser, enzyme,
n an agent that is sometimes added to immersion cleaning solutions, which works by weakening polysaccharides and plaque proteins.