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Denoting a temporal pattern of disease occurrence in a population in which the disease occurs with predictable regularity with only relatively minor fluctations in its frequency over time. Compare: epidemic, sporadic.
Synonym(s): enzootic
[G. endēmos, native, fr. en, in, + dēmos, the people]
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Occurring at a steady or predictable rate in animals of a specific geographic area; endemic. Used of a disease.
An enzootic disease.
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Denoting a temporal pattern of disease occurrence in an animal population in which the disease occurs with predictable regularity with only relatively minor fluctuations in its frequency over time.
See: epizootic, sporadic
[G. en, in, + zōon, animal]
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Affecting, or peculiar to, particular animals in a specific area. Used especially of a disease.
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(2) chronic: mycoplasmosis, verminous pneumonia, nasal myiasis, and enzootic nasal tumors,
45-18 forest Mortality disease in humans virus in enzootic (KFDV) areas Japanese Yes.
Key words: Ultrastructure, enzootic haematuria, cytomegalovirus, bracken fern, bovine
Practically all ranches in enzootic areas have some pastures with optimum conditions for liver flukes.
Enzootic nasal adenocarcinoma: cytological and clinicopathological observations in a west african dwarf goat.
The vet may suggest taking blood samples to look at whether ewes have been exposed to toxoplasmosis or enzootic abortion.
Persons who are at increased risk for exposure because of professional or tourist activities in enzootic areas or who might have limited access to medical resources should consult a physician about preexposure vaccination before departure and consider purchasing travel insurance that includes a provision for medical evacuation (6,9).
In particular, the potentially pivotal role of the flea as a vector and host-supported enzootic reservoir could help explain the persistence of sylvatic plague between infrequent epizootics.
A study of the costs of Chlamydophila abortus (enzootic abortion or EAE) in lowlandsheep flocks estimates that losses due to abortion and the birth of weak and sickly lambs that die soon after birth can reach pounds 5,000 over a five year period for every 100 ewes infected.
Overall the most common enzootic vectors of EEE and WNV in southeastern Virginia were Cs.
The new valuation method - also applicable to brucellosis and enzootic bovine leukosis - was announced by the Assembly last week as part of a new package of bovine TB control measures.