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(ĕn-vī′rən-mĕn′tl, -vī′ərn-)
1. Relating to or associated with the environment.
2. Relating to potentially harmful factors originating in the environment: environmental illness.

en·vi′ron·men′tal·ly adv.
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Patient discussion about environmental

Q. Is bipolar disorder genetic or environmental? Does anyone know why it seems that all the mental disorders involve chemical imbalances, like the dopamine hypothesis, and serotonin and all that? Psychologists always say its Genetics, though it really seems environmental factors play the biggest role. I honestly think that almost all personality, mood, and psychotic disorders are not cause by genetics, but the way people were raised and the kind of life they lead

A. Like always the answer is complicated…when I looked it up in PubMed I found articles that proved it to be genetic and some that proved it to be environmental. Let’s just say that if you have the genetic tendency to develop bipolar syndrome- all you need is an environmental trigger.

Q. What are the environmental factors that cause allergies? Are the causes to allergies only genetic or sporadic or is there an environmental connection as well?

A. Exposure to environmental allergens, especially in early life, is an important risk factor for allergy. Also, children that live in large families or overcrowded households, or attend day care, have a reduced incidence of allergic disease, a relationship has been proposed between exposures to bacteria and viruses during childhood, and protection against the development of allergy, which has been called – the "hygiene hypothesis".

Q. Do environmental factors have a relation to developing ADHD as a child? I have read in a magazine that ADHD is thought to be caused by factors from out environment. Is this true?

A. ADHD has mainly a genetic connection, however some environmental factors due play a role: smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy is thought to be one trigger. A systematic review found that removing artificial food coloring had a small effect size on ADHD symptoms. Premature birth is also thought to be one of the risk factors.

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"Fifty years ago cow-to-cow transfer was the most common reason for cases but environmental mastitis is now the most important cause.'' At Ifton Hill Farm, mastitis in Paul and Melanie Rymer's herd is largely linked to environmental factors.
aureus are the second most prevalent pathogens, while in other studies the environmental mastitis pathogens are more prevalent [1].
But, the incidence of Streptococcus in our study can be less due to poor sanitary conditions of farms screened which mostly resulted in environmental mastitis having the predominance of enteric pathogens.
High SCC present in milk is the main indicator of mammary gland infection, caused by specific and non-specific micro-organisms, which cause contagious and environmental mastitis.
While there's a good understanding of how important the practice can be, the value of routine cluster disinfection in environmental mastitis control appears to be noticeably less well appreciated.

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