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Such activities on the part of an applicant before the completion of the environmental impact statement are prohibited under the NEPA regulations, which FERC apparently has chosen to ignore to date.
Munk and his colleagues have listened to their critics, both in meetings last summer and at a second round of public hearings following the release of the draft environmental impact statements this winter.
Woehrle says that they started searching for a way to address their concerns and discovered a perfect opportunity: a little-known provision in the state's environmental review rules that allowed for the preparation of a generic environmental impact statement if certain criteria were met.
He argues the environmental impact statement contains insufficient economic -- cost estimates for shutting down boating and fishing in the test area -- for the Secretary of Defense ever to responsibly determine when it pays to use the Chesapeake Bay as a fallback.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss said the guidelines set out the factors to be included in the Environmental Impact Statement, which is a crucial component of project planning.
of New York City is a finalist in the American Council of Engineering Companies' 39th annual Engineering Excellence Awards competition for preparing the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project in Manhattan.
The hearings followed the February release of a draft environmental impact statement (EIS) concluding that there is "no cause for concern" that dangerous biological agents might escape from the laboratory (SN: 2/14/87, p.
Queensland bus and train passengers will have a key say on the Environmental Impact Statement and reference design of the once-in-a-generation BaT project released today.

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