environmental health

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environmental health

The theory and practice of assessing, correcting, controlling, and preventing environmental factors that can adversely affect the health of present and future generations.
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Patient discussion about environmental health

Q. Is bipolar disorder genetic or environmental? Does anyone know why it seems that all the mental disorders involve chemical imbalances, like the dopamine hypothesis, and serotonin and all that? Psychologists always say its Genetics, though it really seems environmental factors play the biggest role. I honestly think that almost all personality, mood, and psychotic disorders are not cause by genetics, but the way people were raised and the kind of life they lead

A. Like always the answer is complicated…when I looked it up in PubMed I found articles that proved it to be genetic and some that proved it to be environmental. Let’s just say that if you have the genetic tendency to develop bipolar syndrome- all you need is an environmental trigger.

Q. What are the environmental factors that cause allergies? Are the causes to allergies only genetic or sporadic or is there an environmental connection as well?

A. Exposure to environmental allergens, especially in early life, is an important risk factor for allergy. Also, children that live in large families or overcrowded households, or attend day care, have a reduced incidence of allergic disease, a relationship has been proposed between exposures to bacteria and viruses during childhood, and protection against the development of allergy, which has been called – the "hygiene hypothesis".

Q. Do environmental factors have a relation to developing ADHD as a child? I have read in a magazine that ADHD is thought to be caused by factors from out environment. Is this true?

A. ADHD has mainly a genetic connection, however some environmental factors due play a role: smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy is thought to be one trigger. A systematic review found that removing artificial food coloring had a small effect size on ADHD symptoms. Premature birth is also thought to be one of the risk factors.

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Goals II ("use environmental toxicants to understand basic mechanisms in human biology") and III ("build integrated environmental health research programs to address the cross-cutting problems in human biology and human disease") elaborate on the plan's overarching theme of the need for clinical research to more pointedly explore the relationship between environmental exposures and human disease, making full use of the new tools and technologies available, while encouraging the development of new ones.
A career in environmental health comprises anything and everything that involves public health, whether at local, regional or national level.
"The handwriting is on the wall," says Peter Montague, the director of the Environmental Research Foundation and one of the authors of the "Wingspread Statement on the Precautionary Principle," drafted in 1998 at a groundbreaking environmental health conference in Wisconsin.
Another presentation showed the importance of partnership and collaboration between environmental health at a county public health department and the Iowa State Hygienic Laboratory to resolve issues around contamination of private wells (e.g., bacteria, nitrate, arsenic, neonicotinoid insecticides, and others).
"State environmental health programs are very diverse," said ASTHO Senior Director of Environmental Health Kerry Wyss, MEM, who discussed the survey results at APHA's 139th Annual Meeting in November.
The first conference was held in July 2005 at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), and focused on helping academic and practicing nurses bring environmental health concepts into the classroom, practice, and policy arenas.
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences developed a children's health research agenda to explore the relationship between timing of exposure, stage of development and health outcome.
People understand food inspector, hazmat responder, pest control, or just about any of the many program activities that environmental health professionals are responsible for.
* develop the next generation of investigators, perhaps through the development of institutional career awards, the establishment of integrated mentoring for postdocs, and the support of training for clinical fellows in environmental health research; and
Last October, Michigan citizens took the now-60-square banner to the State Capitol to demand that the governor and the health department take steps to protect them from environmental health hazards.
NEHA board members and staff then asked members of Congress for their support of the Environmental Health Workforce Act (HR 1909 and S 2616), which were introduce by Representative Brenda Lawrence (D-Michigan) and Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Michigan), respectively.
In addition to interdisciplinary research, academia, government, and community organizations are working together to engage citizens in community-based collaborative research to identify environmental health problems and proposing workable solutions.

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