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ON HER TRAVELS: Ruth England has clinched one of TV's most enviable jobs
According to the findings of the annual Warranty Direct survey, the enviable residual values are simply a bonus because the cars are no more expensive to run than any other.
It would work equally well for a bank looking to make an impact with an enviable corner location, or lends itself to a single tenant or fashion brand to cater to the area's vast residential and tourist population.
NEIL Diamond and Barbra Streisand own enviable places in showbusiness.
Richard Lederer has fashioned an enviable career--to the tune of some 2000 books and articles, if the cover blurb is to be believed--out of collecting puns, typographical errors, mangled metaphors, accidental double entendres, and other linguistic faux pas that are guaranteed to induce giggles in those of us inclined, whether by nature or nurture, to find such philological shenanigans giggle-inducing.
In an age of diminished expectations - the economy is rocky, and AIDS and fear of commitment make romance even rockier - "Friends" depicts an easygoing life that seems enviable.
Carico's enviable credentials accept a senior position with our firm.
It's a great opportunity for a restaurateur to establish an enviable position in a solid Manhattan neighborhood.
The company was in an enviable position," says Steve Rosen, Extol Vice President, Marketing.
The dynamic at the board level has been vibrant from the start and it is my expectation that today's appointments will enhance an already enviable process.
Studio Legale Adami has an enviable record of advising Italy's largest institutional investors on matters relating to global securities fraud and the recovery of investment losses due to fraud," said Lawrence Sucharow, managing partner of Labaton Sucharow.
With a long-term approach for investing in prime waterfront properties that can be redeveloped with neighborhood and community support, and a philosophy of building lasting relationships with property owners, neighbors and civic leaders, Roy and co-principle Mark Issenman have achieved an enviable record of success and an unsurpassed reputation for integrity over the past 25 years.