entry zone

en·try zone

the area of the posterior funiculus of the spinal cord, medial to the tip of the posterior horn, in which the entering fibers of the posterior nerve root divide into ascending and descending branches.
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Invitation to tender: the subject of procurement are works of building transfer stations, traffic areas and handling space and the reconstruction of the plateau an entry zone of the existing landfill to achieve the conditions for access of heavy vehicles, transfer stations, traffic areas and reconstruction of the entry-exit zones utility service area pool vidotto in the city, according to technical and other conditions specified in the tender documents.
He told Oman News Agency (ONA) that the meeting will discuss the Customs Union, the single entry zone, and economic agreement between the member states, adding that number of Gulf specifications will reach at the end of the meeting more than (19000) unified specifications and technical regulations without repetition and duplication between the Gulf specification and a national specification.
A twomile no entry zone has been created on the picturesque Skellig Michael, off the west coast of Ireland.
This early report comes more than a month after the company mentioned a new "Traffic Sign Assist" feature to be added in C-Class to avoid over-speeding and entering no entry zone, which will likely be available only in Europe.
This edition incorporates 20 new chapters on radiofrequency lesionings, decompression and compression techniques, nerve blocks, percutaneous disketomies, percutaneous kyphoplasty, sacral nerve stimulation, cervical cordotomy, and dorsal root entry zone lesioning techniques.
Teachers are in a position of trust, and you are under 16, so this is a great big No Entry zone.
Patients received a median radiation dose of 75 gray delivered to the trigeminal nerve root entry zone.
Classical radiosurgery treatment for trigeminal neuralgia focuses a 4-cm beam of gamma radiation at the root entry zone of the trigeminal nerve, said Robert M.
In addition, the existing entry zone at Oriental Boulevard received new site paving, lighting and landscaping to improve pedestrian access to and from the campus.
With age, the brain will shrink and sag caudally, and this may allow the root entry zone to be compressed by an elongated arteriosclerotic artery (Janetta, 1981a).
The philosophy behind this last derivation is used later in the extrudate swell model when we need to estimate the residence time a polymer has in the entry zone of the die.
For any investor, it's a no- entry zone as there are hardly any returns from the derailed and bleeding railways.