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/en·train·ment/ (en-trān´ment)
1. a technique for identifying the slowest pacing necessary to terminate an arrhythmia, particularly atrial flutter.
2. the synchronization and control of cardiac rhythm by an external stimulus.


Etymology: Fr, entrainer, to drag along
a phenomenon observed in the microanalysis of sound films in which the speaker moves several parts of the body and the listener responds by moving in ways that are coordinated with the rhythm of the sounds. Infants have been observed to move in time to the rhythms of adult speech but not to random noises or disconnected words or vowels. Entrainment is thought to be an essential factor in the process of maternal-infant bonding.


The patterning of body processes and movements to the rhythm of music
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entrainment (en·trānˑ·mnt),

n rhythmic synchronization of two or more beats.
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The changes in the times of larval release after different entrainment light/dark cycles were evaluated by using circular statistics (Zar, 1999).
In general, relative to the one triangular jet; the centreline mean velocity of the two jets decays more rapidly, implying increased entrainment of ambient fluid.
This modification makes the space inside the terminal unit more effectively used for air mixing and entrainment.
The study presented here attempts to analyze the impact of supply air flow rates on the entrainment of the surrounding air into the sterile zone and to visualize the resulting flow path of airborne particulates.
The entrainment limit estimates the maximum value of heat transfer rate that leads this effect to take place within the thermosyphon.
Supersaturation fluctuations, giant CCN, and spectra broadening due to entrainment and mixing have all been proposed as ways to bridge the drizzle barrier.
Although relocation of the supply diffuser helped in reversing the flow path of airborne particles near the patient's head, it could not avoid the entrainment and the mixing with the supply airstream.
harrisii (Forward and Lohmann, 1983), Dyspanopeus sayi (De Vries and Forward, 1989, 1991), Emerita talpoida (Ziegler and Forward, 2005), and Callinectes sapidus (Tankersley et al, 2002), a question to ask now is whether the new entrainment model (Forward et ai, 2014) applies to other species.
The communication phenomenon "conversational entrainment," described as the "propensity to modify one's behavior to align more closely with one's communication partner," is offered as a theoretical framework to explain the growth in the use of glottal fry in young women's speech.
These terms are rhythm, synchronization and motor entrainment.
Here, the emphasis was laid on the air entrainment limit.
The Venturi effect incorporates the Bernoulli principle by incorporating an entrainment port at the site of the convergence of the funnel-shaped tube.