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/en·train·ment/ (en-trān´ment)
1. a technique for identifying the slowest pacing necessary to terminate an arrhythmia, particularly atrial flutter.
2. the synchronization and control of cardiac rhythm by an external stimulus.


Etymology: Fr, entrainer, to drag along
a phenomenon observed in the microanalysis of sound films in which the speaker moves several parts of the body and the listener responds by moving in ways that are coordinated with the rhythm of the sounds. Infants have been observed to move in time to the rhythms of adult speech but not to random noises or disconnected words or vowels. Entrainment is thought to be an essential factor in the process of maternal-infant bonding.


The patterning of body processes and movements to the rhythm of music
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entrainment (en·trānˑ·mnt),

n rhythmic synchronization of two or more beats.
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is required to maintain entrainment of the master body clock as measured by melatonin and cortisol circadian rhythms in individuals with Non-24.
In essence, WaveriderMp3 gives the customer an unhurried opportunity to pick or rent a specific brainwave entrainment sound track, before acquiring it for their mp3 collection.
This entrainment generally occurs at an integer ratio (Iscoe and Polosa, 1976) and is more significant when the exercise increases in intensity (Bernasconi et al.
It was thought this modification would cause the return air to move over the patient and down to the return and could avoid entrainment of the airborne pathogens into the supply stream and can prevent it from spreading into the room.
The effectiveness of AFAs, depending on their type and the most air-entrained SP (identified on the basis of earlier tests on SCC (Szwabowski, Lazniewska-Piekarczyk 2008a), were checked by tests of flow and air entrainment of mortar in accordance with EN 1015-3:2000/A2:2007 (2007) and EN 1015-7:2000 (2000) respectively (Figs 2 and 3).
22) showed that the onset of air entrainment could be postponed to a higher maximum coating speed even at very low concentration of non-interactive spherical PMMA particles in silicone oil.
The device consists of two rotating rollers to apply shear deformation, a pneumatic conveying line with two bends to induce particle impact and a dust separation column for dust particle entrainment.
The techniques covered include hypnosis, sleep learning, subliminal training and audio and visual cortical entrainment, as well as meditation, mnemonics, speed reading, biofeedback, neurofeedback and mental imagery practice.
John Beardall, the Piazza's centre manager, said: "We have yet another year of non-stop, action-packed entrainment for all the family "The summer festival is completely free of charge and we hope to see people from all over Huddersfield heading to the shopping centre to join in with the fun and festivities.
Until now, most researchers thought that only people align physical movements to timed sounds, a phenomenon known as entrainment.