enteric-coated tablet

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a solid dosage form containing a medicinal substance with or without a suitable diluent. Called also pill.
buccal tablet one which dissolves when it is held between the cheek and gum, permitting direct absorption of the active ingredient through the oral mucosa.
enteric-coated tablet one coated with material that delays release of the medication until after it leaves the stomach.
sublingual tablet one that dissolves when held beneath the tongue, permitting direct absorption of the active ingredient by the oral mucosa.
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en·ter·ic-coat·ed tab·let

(en-ter'ik kō'tĕd tab'lĕt)
A tablet covered with a substance that delays release of the medication until the tablet has passed through the stomach and into the intestine.
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enteric-coated tablet

A tablet that resists digestion in gastric acid.
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Patients in the observation group were given 600 mg of clopidogrel bisulfate tablets immediately after admission (national approval number: J20130083; Sanofi-Aventis (Hangzhou) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China; specification: 75 mg/tablet; batch number: 3A579, 4A757, 5A458) and 300 mg of aspirin enteric-coated tablets. Emergency PCI was performed.
Enteric-coated tablets seem to offer better protection, passing through the stomach intact and dissolving later.
Patients in the observation group took 0.25g of azithromycin enteric-coated tablets, once a day, besides simvastatin.
We manufacture a range of solid dosage forms including modified release and enteric-coated tablets, and extended release products using wet/dry granulation techniques.
Enteric-coated tablets protect the active ingredient against degradation by gastric acid, and crushing these tablets will reduce the bioavailability of the drug.
Methods: Observation group (CAS): All patients were orally administered with 75 mg/d clopi- dogrel + 300 mg/d aspirin enteric-coated tablets before surgery for anticoagulant treatment.