enteral feeding

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enteral feeding

a mode of feeding that uses the GI tract, such as oral or tube feeding.

en·ter·al feed·ing

(en'tĕr-ăl fēd'ing)
A form of tube alimentation.


within, by way of, or pertaining to the intestine.

enteral feeding
delivery of nutrients directly into the stomach, duodenum or jejunum. Called also enteral nutrition.
enteral nutrition
see enteral feeding (above).
enteral tube
the feeding tube positioned in the alimentary tract for administration of nutrients. See also enterostomy tube.


the taking or giving of food.

animal feeding unit
artificial feeding
feeding of a neonate with food other than its dam's milk.
feeding behavior
difficulty in prehension, quidding, regurgitation through the nostrils, coughing and aspiration are all abnormalities of feeding behavior of clinical importance.
challenge feeding
animals are fed more feed than their present production or growth justifies in an attempt to elicit higher production still.
enteral feeding
see enteral feeding.
force feeding
administration of food by force to animals who cannot or will not receive it, e.g. anorexic animals or weak neonates.
intravenous feeding
administration of nutrient fluids through a vein. See also intravenous infusion.
lead feeding
see challenge feeding (above).
limit feeding
occurs where grower finisher pigs are fed a specific amount of food in a specific time period versus free access to feed. Limit feeding is common in Europe but not in the United States, except for gestating sows.
feeding module
a concentrated source of one type of nutrient, e.g. carbohydrate, fat or protein.
orphan feeding
diets for newborn animals which have lost their dams; milk replacers.
feeding pattern
1. the procedure adopted by an animal while eating a meal. May consist of eating concentrates before roughage. Includes nibbling, gorging and sham feeding. See also feeding behavior (above).
2. the program of feeding adopted by the animal's custodian. Includes single, large meals, frequent, small snacks.
pellet feeding
the ration is converted into pellets, logs or bricks. Has the advantage of reducing wastage and facilitating feeding especially with automatic feeders. There is the additional cost of manufacturing.
restricted feeding
used in times of shortage, e.g. during a drought or as a management tool to modify the carcass, especially its fat content, or the milk yield at drying off. Restraint in feeding for animals that receive only stored feeds is simple. There are difficulties in animals that are at pasture or in feedlots on self-feeders. For pastured animals strip grazing is the accepted strategy. In feedlots it is customary to add a feed-aversion agent such as salt or flowers of sulfur to grain ration.
silo feeding
feed stored in a silo is augered out to surrounding troughs. May be grain or ensilage.
feeding trial
assessment of the performance of a particular feed, determined by any of several parameters, e.g. body weight (loss or gain), digestibility, growth rate, palatability, of the feed being fed over a set period of time.
tube feeding
feeding of liquids and semisolid foods through an esophageal or gastric tube.
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There were discrepancies in the reported utility of gastric residual volume (GRV) in guiding enteral feeding with a mismatch between 100% of dietitians and doctors who said that GRV was not used at all to guide practice, while 23% later reported that it was used alone or in combination with symptoms (57%) to monitor enteral feed tolerance.
In 2014, neurological application was the leading segment in the enteral feeding application market mainly due to the established use of enteral feeding devices in CNS and mental health disorders.
At the end of the surgery, NG tube was connected to a closed bag and left open for continuous drainage but NJ tube was blocked with a stopper till enteral feeding was commenced and thereafter in between each feed.
The authors of this meta-analysis concluded that in patients receiving enteral feeding, stress ulcer prophylaxis may not be required, and combined therapy may even increase the risk of hospital-acquired pneumonia.
Table I lists safer practices for administering drugs to patients with nasogastric or enteral feeding tubes.
2-5) A recent consensus statement on methods for identifying aspiration in critically ill patients recommended that dye be eliminated from enteral feeding since it lacks sensitivity for identifying aspiration of gastric contents.
2,3) It is the challenge of the military surgeon to accomplish early enteral feeding while awaiting patient evacuation from a combat zone.
Table 76: Rest of Europe 10-Year Perspective for Medical Specialty Bags by Product Segment - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales for Bile Collection Bags, Blood Bags, Breathing Bags, Cadaver Bags, Enema Bags, Enteral Feeding Bags, Ice Bags, Intravenous Fluid Containers, Ostomy Collection Bags, Sterilization Packaging Bags, Urinary Collection Bags, and Other Medical Specialty Bags Markets for 2003, 2008 & 2012 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-45
start a trial of water via the nasogastric tube for 24 hours, then start enteral feeding according to the hospital's standard protocol
25,29] Enteral feeding is the preferred method for the delivery of nutrition to patients who are unable to sustain oral intake.
Doctors think they have found a way to deal with these concerns by giving TPN-fed preemies small amounts of nutrition by mouth--referred to as minimal enteral feeding.