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The investigators then measured PDE3 activity and PDE3A1 mRNA abundance in failing explanted left ventricle tissue samples from patients who had or hadn't been treated with milrinone or enoximone prior to cardiac transplantation, and found that enzyme activity and mRNA abundance were higher in DEL compared to INS homozygotes who had been treated with PDE3Is.
Intravenous enoximone or dobutamine for severe heart failure after acute myocardial infarction: a randomized double-blind trial.
Anaesthetists commonly administer [beta]-adrenergic agonists (dobutamine, dopamine or adrenaline) as first-line inotropic therapy, with secondary addition of milrinone or enoximone before the institution of mechanical support.
Two inotropes with different mechanisms of action: contractile, PDE-inhibitory and direct myofibrillar effects of levosimendan and enoximone. J Cardiovasc Pharmacol 2005; 46:369-376.
TORONTO -- Low doses of oral enoximone, an investigational positive inotrope, may help safely wean advanced heart failure patients from intravenous inotropes, according to data from a phase III randomized trial.
Multicenter trial of oral enoximone in patients with moderate to moderately severe congestive heart failure: lack of benefit compared to placebo.
Moreover, inotropic drugs used in our center were catecholamines (dobutamine, dopamine, and/or norepinephrine) and phosphodiesterase inhibitors (enoximone).
Beta blocker therapy influences the hemodynamic response to inotropic agents in patients with heart failure: a randomized comparison of dobutamine and enoximone before and after chronic treatment with metoprolol or carvedilol.
Weaning from CPB was achieved using atrial pacing, IABP, enoximone and noradrenaline.