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an increase in size; see also hypertrophy.
image enlargement an increase in the size of an x-ray image that is affected by the focal film distance as well as the object film distance.


(en-larj'ment), [TA]
1. An increase in size; an anatomic swelling or prominence.
2. An intumescence or swelling.
Synonym(s): intumescentia [TA], intumescence (1)


(en-lahrj'mĕnt) [TA]
1. An increase in size; an anatomic swelling or prominence.
2. An intumescence or swelling.
Synonym(s): intumescence (1) , intumescentia.


Term commonly used in low vision practice to refer to an increase in the size of the retinal image seen by the patient. It can be expressed as the enlargement ratio (ER). See lateral magnification; equivalent viewing power.


(en-lahrj'mĕnt) [TA]
An increase in size; anatomic swelling or prominence.

Patient discussion about enlargement

Q. is it possible to enlarge my penis?

A. sexual organs come in all sizes,if you were born with i small organ thats the way it is,it dont matter how big or small it is -it how you use it---mrfoot56

Q. Why does Aortic stenosis causes an enlarged heart? My father was recently diagnosed as suffering from enlarged heart due to his Aortic stenosis. what is the connection between those to conditions? As far as I understand that aortic stenosis mean that the aortic valve is too small not too large...

A. there are several explanations for the enlargement of the heart that occurs due to Aortic stenosis. the most reasonable is that the mechanical power that the heart uses makes it bigger. it easy to see it here: http://www.marvistavet.com/assets/images/aortic_stenosis.gif
this is called Left Ventricular Hypertrophy or LVH in abbreviations.
this is a classic LVH E.C.G.

Q. Can gastric problems cause your heart to be enlarged? I am eighteen and my left side of my heart and lung is enlarged. I have done multiple tests to understand why they are enlarged my tests revealed no information, I do not even have asthma. My doctor suggested that I just need to hydrate alot. I have gastric problems everytime I eat even if it is little. Does my gastric problems such a "bubbly feeling" in my stomach and heart burn is affecting my heart size?

A. HI--i am not a DR put because i worked in a hosp as a therapist--the digestive system an the circulatory system are not connected. I suggest to you to change your diet(the things you eat-like pizza an other spicie foods-thy to eat 4hrs before you lay down-eat smaller portions-some times common sence about what you eat will do the trick---good luck-mrfoot56.

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These enlargements are often associated with a long-standing bacterial plaque accumulation.
On intraoral examination showed generalised reddish "bead like" enlargement of interdental papillae and the consistency of which was soft and edematous with loss of stippling (Fig 1 A&B).
Also, some isolated generalized gingival lesions such as Plasma cell gingivitis, Plaque induced gingival hyperplasia, Scurvy; may show generalized symmetric gingival enlargements.
Surprisingly, almost six years after the first round of Eastern enlargement, there hardly are any empirical studies that find 'negative' effects of enlargement (cf.
However, the economic achievements of the 2004-2007 enlargements go largely unnoticed in the old member states.
At the same time, it is necessary to open an enlightened debate on future enlargements and on their significance for the Union" (12).
Although the usefulness of the chest radiogram in detecting cardiac enlargement has been known for decades, we noticed a mismatch between chest radiography, and clinical/echocardiographic findings in the setting of the left heart valvular regurgitation in our daily practices.
Getting the approval for a vertical enlargement in New York City today is a much more straightforward process than it has been historically.
Figures from The Harley Medical Group showed that while the number of breast enlargement patients continues to rise, the amount of women who were 'up-sizing' was going down.
It is at the same time possible to state that each enlargement has an effect on the further progress of the integration, even though the impacts of the particular enlargements have always differed.
I would like to begin by recalling that the enlargement of the EU to include the countries of Central and Eastern Europe was not invented in 1989, when these countries made the historic choice to leave the Warsaw Pact and abandon Communism.
Unfortunately, tables or figures with some data like about the economic characteristics of the joining members or the trade relationships are scarce, but there are some few beneficial tables like the calendar of enlargements or the distribution of seats in the European Parliament and of voting weights in the Council of Ministers after each enlargement.