enlarged lymph nodes

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A generic term for lymph node enlargement of any aetiology, benign or malignant.

Lymphadenopathy, aetiology
• Viral—Infectious mononucleosis, CMV, HIV.
• Bacterial—Typhoid, TB, syphilis, Yersinia.
• Lymphoproliferative—especially lymphoma
• Metastases.

Lipid storage, Niemann-Pick, sphingomyelia.

Phenytoin, allopurinol, isoniazid.

Automimmune, rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoid, GVHD.

Benign hyperplasia, Langerhans cell histiocytosis.
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enlarged lymph nodes

Lymphadenopathy, see there.
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Patient discussion about enlarged lymph nodes

Q. my friend ate a bar of chocolate and now her left neck gland is swollen any ideas why? no other symptoms

A. it can be an infection -just like brandon said- or although this is rare, it can also be an allergic reaction.
if it is an infection, you can usually find such other infection symptoms like : fever, pain in that swollen area, increased white blood cells (in blood work test), etc.

if it is an allergy, usually it will fade away itself in couple of days, or you can just try to consume anti-allergic drugs, such as : loratadine and maybe combined with dexamethasone.

Good luck, and stay healthy always..

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Significant differences between the frequencies of the following findings were observed in the aggressive and indolent ATL groups, and all of the findings were observed more commonly in the aggressive ATL than in the indolent group: enlarged lymph nodes, ground-glass attenuation, thickening of bronchovascular bundles, bronchial wall thickening, interlobular septal thickening, and pleural effusion (Table 1).
A standard diagnostic approach for enlarged lymph nodes should consider detailed medical history, physical examination, clinical symptoms and findings, laboratory and imaging studies, and histopathological evaluation using IHC analysis (2).
(a) Chest CT axial imaging showed enlarged lymph nodes in the mediastinum and right hilar areas.
Even more crucial is explaining the diagnosis in a clear and logical way (the presence of enlarged lymph nodes is often a source of anxiety because of the association with malignancy), reassuring patients and families as necessary and stating that although there is mostly no clear-cut cause and specific cure, affected patients recover without sequelae.
A month later, a repeat thoracic CT showed a significant reduction in the size of all the enlarged lymph nodes (FIGURE 2B).
A Enlarged lymph nodes can develop - the easiest to see are those under the jaw.
(b) After four courses of EP, enlarged lymph nodes have completely disappeared.
On examination, she was found to have enlarged lymph nodes in the submandibular region and anterior cervical and posterior cervical lymph node chains, of 2x3 cm size.
The most common symptoms of HL include enlarged lymph nodes under the skin of the neck, under the arm, or in the groin, fever (which can come and go over several days or weeks) without an infection; drenching night sweats, and weight loss.
The enlarged lymph nodes also often exhibit the same imaging and enhancement characteristics as the subcutaneous lesions in the same individual.
Because of enlarged lymph nodes, surgeons could not operate, but Michele was placed on a trial called Soccar, six months of combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy, to treat her.