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A genetic element that is important in the function of a specific promoter.
[M.E. enhauncen, raise, increase, fr. O. Fr. enhaucier, fr. L.L. inalto, fr. altus, high, + -er, agent suffix]


1. A nucleic acid sequence that increases the transcription or utilization of a gene.
2. In neurophysiology any chemical that increases the propagation of impulses between neurons.


a DNA sequence present within the control regions of many eukaryotic GENES that can enhance TRANSCRIPTION. The enhancer can generally function even if inverted or if placed in a different position some distance from the gene it controls. Activation of the enhancer requires certain regulatory proteins.


see enhancer sequence.

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The researchers have not demonstrated that the missing enhancer affects GDF6 activity in humans, Mortlock adds.
Brain enhancers will not typically work in heart cells, which means that you must test your enhancer sequence in the correct cell type.
When it comes to the drink mix category, it is undeniable that liquid water enhancers are currently "the cool kid in town.
Chief executive Gary Casswell said Northern Offshore is pleased that Ithaca Energy has again selected the Energy Enhancer for its drilling programme.
The mechanism of 1-menthol as an enhancer was examined using diclofenac as a hydrophobic drug (which permeated through the lipid pathway in the stratum corneum) and diclofenac sodium as a hydrophilic drug (which permeated through the pore pathway) through ethanol-treated and untreated silicone membranes, which are models for lipid and pore pathways of skin.
GP1-0100, Galenica's lead immune enhancer, is currently being evaluated in two clinical trials.
The Enhancer is manufactured as either a Spot Treatment Enhancer or an Eye Contour Enhancer, and assists in boosting the delivery of cosmetic agents and formulations onto the skin.
The credit of the enhancer is critical to the marketability of the bonds since the bondholders are, in effect, buying the security provided by the enhancer's letter of credit.
This was demonstrated by the reaction of various mixes of three sodium bentonites, showing the synergistic effects alone and in combination with a flowability enhancer.
I propose to study the effect of enhancer activation on as regulation during the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (emt), An important physiological process involved in tumour metastasis and cancer recurrence.