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enhanced service

Any of a number of essential or additional services delivered by GPs in the UK to a higher specification, or medical services outside the normal scope of primary medical services, which are designed around the needs of the local population. Enhanced services are commissioned by Local Health Boards (LHBs) and can be contracted from any provider—not just GMS contractors—so long as the provider can meet the service specification and provide value for money. Enhanced services provide LHBs with opportunities to develop more local and integrated services across primary and secondary care.

Enhanced services types
Directed enhanced services: All LHBs must commission or provide.

National enhanced services: All LHBs should commission or provide, but not mandatory.

Local enhanced services: Optional commissioning of services based on local needs.
Enhanced services raison d'être
• Improve patient care for all patients and for specific vulnerable groups;
• Improve patient choice;
• Aid the resourced shift of work from secondary care to primary care;
• Allow practices to develop enhanced services for their practice populations.
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Media Servers, also known in 3G/mobile networks as Multimedia Resource Function Processors (MRFP), are a key element of the emerging IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture and provide a reusable and open voice, video and multimedia processing platform for next generation enhanced service solutions.
Transcom Enhanced Services (TES) is a leading enhanced service provider offering its services world wide since 2003.
Globally, carriers rely on IP Unity to deliver reliable and powerful enhanced service solutions to niche or mass markets.
The ENTICE portfolio includes a softswitch, session controller, VoIP gateway, converged tandem/international gateway and various enhanced service solutions.
With a strong position secured in the audio segment of the media server market it is only natural that Convedia would leverage its video expertise to create new capabilities for enhanced service application developers and their customers".
IP Unity, the market leader in enhanced service solutions for the blended network, announced today that it has received a strategic investment from Siemens Venture Capital to enable new product delivery and support for market expansion in the coming year.
Veraz Networks, a leading global provider of carrier-grade next-generation telephony solutions, announces the successful completion of interoperability testing with Pactolus Communications Software Corporation, a leading provider of SIP-based enhanced service solutions, and Convedia, the leading provider of carrier-class media processing platforms.
Veraz Networks' packet telephony solution has been chosen as the de facto VoIP solution by Transcom Enhanced Services, an enhanced service provider, creating one of the largest packet voice networks in the U.
The company's media server platform coupled with enhanced service applications enable customers to cost-effectively develop and deploy traditional and next-generation telephony services while protecting their existing investment in legacy systems.
0, ADC brings to market a communication systems environment that adapts to changing network technologies and provides seamless interoperability of enhanced services between a variety of devices and access methods.
These enhanced services give wireless customers the ease of accessing important and useful information over-the-phone.

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