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CSF hypovolemia due to CSF leak is compensated by an increase of blood volume such as subdural hematoma or venous engorgement, and an increase of brain volume as parenchymal swelling.
There was significantly low engorgement in female tick mean weights (p<0.01) in goats which were given antigens emulsified with Montanide ISA-50 adjuvant (Fig.3).
She can also experience breast pain owing to cracked nipples or engorgement as a result of improper latch.
In this study, most participants were content about exclusive breastfeeding, stating that it helped them heal from breastfeeding problems like breast engorgement. Breast engorgement usually occurs when feeding is delayed or restricted or if the baby is unable to suck efficiently because he/she is not correctly attached to the breast.
Acutely, hyperprolactinemia can cause menstrual abnormalities, decreased libido, breast engorgement, galactorrhea, and sexual dysfunction in women.8 In men, the most common symptoms of hyperprolac-tinemia are loss of interest in sex, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and gynecomas-tia.
Her pulse rate was 102/min, BP-110/70 mm of Hg, with mild pallor, moderate icterus, and pedal edema bilaterally without evidence of clubbing or jugular venous engorgement.
Blood or serosanguineous discharge in milk during lactation can be caused by various factors related to lactation, such as cracked nipples, mastitis, trauma or vascular engorgement. (4) These conditions are painful and can be unilateral or bilateral.
"The physiological responses of arousal, such as lubrication and clitoral engorgement, often happen after sexual contact begins." We've been conditioned to believe that all our sex lives should follow the male-centric pattern of sexual spontaneity to such a point that when sex doesn't happen this way, many of us passively accept it as the inevitable lesbian bed death.
It reduces breast engorgement as well as post-operative swelling.
The steady engorgement of smartphone screen sizes and shrinking of tablets, in addition to Samsung's Galaxy Note II sales, might prove to be a sign on the sway Samsung can command over the entire market for mobile devices.
One reason for the disastrous engorgement of presidential powers was that all parties at the Convention tacitly agreed that the first president would be George Washington, whom even the most suspicious Anti-Federalists admired.