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To enclose within a fold, as in "infolding" an ulcer of the stomach, in which the walls on either side of the lesion are brought together and sutured.
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That is, it is not a difference in number but in the quality that we enfold as a surface of recognition.
Journyx Timesheet allows us to track user time and monitor project budgets even though 60 percent of our company's resources are located outside the United States," said Toby Roberts, vice president of Enfold Systems.
P enfold declines to say who he believes is behind the legal action, while noting that ``this [racing] was very much a personal passion of his [Salman's], and it didn't involve any of the rest of his family''.
She stands atop the Continental Divide on an 8500-foot mountain, with her arms outstretched as if to welcome and enfold the whole world, and especially the people of Butte, Montana, which lies 3500 feet below her.
At the microscopic level, aerogel resembles a fishnet: Wisps of silicon dioxide molecules enfold nanopores, tiny air pockets just 50 to 2,500 times larger than atoms themselves.
It calls on the Nice Summit to set a firm timetable and a clear procedure to improve the Charter and enfold it into the Treaty.
The night is a blue-green aquarium and you are a minnow of gold, while I am a grassy seaweed, that wants with you joy to enfold.
GFAP forms the springy inner filaments that give shape to glia, the support cells that enfold and nourish nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.
I will sit in the curves of the moon And its wings will enfold me, I cannot breathe on Earth, So I have flown through the clouds and strata to meet her, Oh
Overall, the Segregation Wall in the Bethlehem Governorate will end up amputating some 159,793 dunums of landsbehind the Wall, and threatens crucial supply areas containing artesian wells and main water basins that provide Bethlehem Governorate with water as the path of the Wall is designed to enfold the groundwater locations withinBethlehem.
Last but not least a prayer for our heroes Who would rather be home than anywhere Bring them home to the bosom of their family Enfold them, Lord, in your loving care.
The breach occurred in the sale of two Newgate mares, Solar Star and River Jig, to partnerships in which P enfold held an interest.