energy expenditure, basal

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energy expenditure, basal



The energy used by an individual who is at rest but not asleep. The BEE (expressed as calories) may be calculated by using the Harris-Benedict equations. These account for sex, age, height, and weight. If the individual is sedentary, moderately active, or engaged in strenuous activity, 30%, 40%, or 50%, respectively, are added to the BEE. See: diet; dietetics; food

The Harris-Benedict equation involves W (weight in kg), H (height in cm), and A (age in years). The formulae are:

For women: BEE = 6.55 + (9.6 × W) + (1.8 × H) - (4.7 × A)

For men: BEE = 6.6 + (13.7 × W) + (5 × H) - (6.8 × A)

Hospitalized patients who are nonstressed require 20% more calories than for basal needs.

Energy expended is increased by about 13% over basal needs for each degree centigrade of fever; burn and trauma patients require 40% to 100% more calories than for basal requirements.

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