energy conservation techniques

en·er·gy con·ser·va·tion tech·niques

(ECT) (en-ĕr'jē kon-sĕr-vā'shŭn tek-nēks')
Applying various measures to encourage the concept of saving energy in a physical environment may include activity restriction, modification of tasks, time management, work simplification techniques, ergonomics, or the reorganizationof work stations or platforms to emphasize efficiency.
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Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Jan 13 (ANI): Energy conservation has become the Indian Railways' 'Mission Area' in recent times, and as part of its efforts, three stations belonging to the Mumbai division of the Central Railways have adopted energy conservation techniques.
It requests the consumers to avoid using compressors and use energy conservation techniques, including conical baffle and timer devices for gyzers etc and space heating.
The increased awareness regarding renewable energies especially solar and wind energy has also stimulated the trend towards energy conservation techniques and energy efficient devices to optimize the energy demand and money saving.
Breathing control, relaxation and energy conservation techniques also feature.
During the 10th Hiwar session of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group (ADSG), held here on Wednesday, several government representatives gathered to address issues such as energy conservation techniques.
"An energy focused economy should work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging energy conservation techniques," he said.
This edition incorporates new terms and definitions to reflect technology and new documents; changes in diagnoses and the US healthcare system; and new appendices on topics like useful apps, evidence-based practice, the stages of Alzheimer's disease, energy conservation techniques, nutrition, safe patient handling and movement skills, thoracic outlet syndrome, and grip development and the stages of writing.
If similar energy conservation techniques are applied for refrigerators and other cooling appliances then savings could be of much significant level.
Their topics include an overview of MS, posture and body mechanics, the neurophysiological basis of facilitation and inhibition techniques, evaluating the patient and measuring spasticity, and relaxation and energy conservation techniques.
Officials say the training will help contractors learn about weatherization and energy conservation techniques they can use in people's homes.
Additionally, the program seeks to add a station at the Cooper Square Learning Center to teach energy conservation techniques. Program computers to hibernate after 15 minutes of non-use and require employees to turn them off before going home.

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