energy conservation techniques

en·er·gy con·ser·va·tion tech·niques

(ECT) (en-ĕr'jē kon-sĕr-vā'shŭn tek-nēks')
Applying various measures to encourage the concept of saving energy in a physical environment may include activity restriction, modification of tasks, time management, work simplification techniques, ergonomics, or the reorganizationof work stations or platforms to emphasize efficiency.
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During the 10th Hiwar session of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group (ADSG), held here on Wednesday, several government representatives gathered to address issues such as energy conservation techniques.
Union Minister of State for Power, Coal and New and Renewable Energy Piyush Goyal announced that energy conservation techniques could save the nation about Rs.
An energy focused economy should work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging energy conservation techniques," he said.
This edition incorporates new terms and definitions to reflect technology and new documents; changes in diagnoses and the US healthcare system; and new appendices on topics like useful apps, evidence-based practice, the stages of Alzheimer's disease, energy conservation techniques, nutrition, safe patient handling and movement skills, thoracic outlet syndrome, and grip development and the stages of writing.
If similar energy conservation techniques are applied for refrigerators and other cooling appliances then savings could be of much significant level.
Their topics include an overview of MS, posture and body mechanics, the neurophysiological basis of facilitation and inhibition techniques, evaluating the patient and measuring spasticity, and relaxation and energy conservation techniques.
Officials say the training will help contractors learn about weatherization and energy conservation techniques they can use in people's homes.
Additionally, the program seeks to add a station at the Cooper Square Learning Center to teach energy conservation techniques.
Study Objectives: To assess the energy spent by COPD patients using or not using energy conservation techniques (ECTs) during activities of daily living (ADL).
Increased rest, the use of stress reduction and management techniques, energy conservation techniques, dietary restrictions, nutritional supplementation and exercise based on personal abilities may be recommended by your health care professional.
Energy conservation techniques, shown in the table on page 26, may be essential.
Students are taught about planting and maintaining trees, finding local sources for seeds, and the use of environmental and energy conservation techniques such as composting, vermiculture, the use of biodegradable products, and proper waste management.

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