energy conservation

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energy conservation1

a principle that energy cannot be created or destroyed although it can be changed from one form into another, as when heat energy is converted to light energy. It is now superseded by the special relativity equation E = mc2, but it is still applicable to chemical changes.

energy conservation2

a nursing outcome from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) defined as personal actions to manage energy for initiating and sustaining activity. See also Nursing Outcomes Classification.

energy conservation

In rehabilitation, a process for managing fatigue by prioritizing goals and time use, simplifying tasks, and organizing the environment to make necessary work more efficient.
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K-Electric actively promotes best practices for energy conservation and carries out a robust public awareness campaign to help preserve the country's precious resources.
As a result, the government committed to enable expansion of energy-related investment in areas such as energy conservation and renewable energy, to encourage efficiency improvements, and to contribute to reaching the Abenomics target of bringing GDP to 600 trillion yen while reducing CO2 emissions in check.
A Total of 87 awardees out of 773 applications were selected for the National Energy Conservation Awards 2012.
According to statistics, in 2010, the total output of energy conservation and environmental protection industries exceededRMB2 trillion.
Director of finance and business services, Umar Hussain, said: "The work of our Environmental and Energy Conservation Unit will be key to our success in reducing our environmental impact and maximising the financial resources we have available.
Speaking on the occasion, P Balendran, Vice-President, General Motors India said, "The recognition demonstrates General Motors India's commitment to energy conservation and environmental sensitivities.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Ivy Tech Community College and the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority are offering free training to contractors who want to work with an energy conservation program.
2) Do pre-service primary teachers' attitudes towards energy conservation significantly differentiate due to their gender, grade levels, and main settlement place?
Copeland, senior vice president and principal at Manhattan-based engineering firm Goldman Copeland Associates, has long been an advocate for energy conservation and efficiency in his 40-plus years of experience.
The gold medal of environmental friendliness for buildings in Japan is the Excellent Building Mark, awarded by the Institution for Building Environment and Energy Conservation (IBEC).
That is, these states developed green building programs for public buildings that beat the expectations of energy conservation as determined by building codes and/or will meet the criteria set forth in the US Green Building Council's LEED Silver rating or better.

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