energy balance equation

en·er·gy bal·ance e·qua·tion

(en'ĕr-jē bal'ăns ĕ-kwā'zhŭn)
Statement that body mass remains constant when caloric intake equals caloric expenditure. Any chronic imbalance on either side of the equation causes body mass to change.
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Equation (14) maybe termed the energy balance equation of the gravitational field.
Given the aforementioned, this model identifies key processes in a PV module life cycle as an ECC's upon which general energy balance equation could be generated and derived depending on research complexity.
Activity is the other side of the energy balance equation.
What's unusual and exciting about the gardens is that they may be a very potent intervention in terms of childhood obesity, especially because they could affect both sides of the energy balance equation.
The wall temperatures generated by the thermal space model are useful to calculate the wall thermal plume flow rates and the internal convective coefficients, which will be used in the energy balance equation defined in the next section.
The plant energy balance equation allows us, through the employment of calculations, analyse the pulsations of the local plant leaf tissue temperature that is entailed by plant leaf oscillations with respect to the Sun (Sirvydas et al.
They are based on the estimation of the evapotranspiration as the residual term of the energy balance equation.
Continuity equations, Momentum balance equations, Total energy balance equation and Thermal energy balance equation.
The processes occurring in the cover exposed to an action of the electric field cause energetic changes, which are expressed by the energy balance equation