energy balance equation

en·er·gy bal·ance e·qua·tion

(en'ĕr-jē bal'ăns ĕ-kwā'zhŭn)
Statement that body mass remains constant when caloric intake equals caloric expenditure. Any chronic imbalance on either side of the equation causes body mass to change.
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During the solution of the above unsteady conjugate heat transfer model, the water film runback and phase transition are coupled with the solid heat conduction, due to the fact that the solution of the solid heat conduction provides the interface heat flux which is needed in the water film energy balance equation; on the other hand, the boundary condition of the solid heat conduction is provided by the solution of the film runback and phase transition.
The charging mode of the system can be modeled using the following general energy balance equation:
The energy balance equation on the shell control volume is given by
The energy balance equation: looking back and looking forward are two very different views.
In order to derive the energy balance equation we multiply both sides of (17) by [u.sup.[mu]], thus obtaining
Given the aforementioned, this model identifies key processes in a PV module life cycle as an ECC's upon which general energy balance equation could be generated and derived depending on research complexity.
Equation (14) maybe termed the energy balance equation of the gravitational field.
* Activity is the other side of the energy balance equation. You mentioned that you didn't think that you could exercise any more than you already do.
Instead, the local fluid temperature is computed using the local energy balance equation. All the thermocouples readings are recorded every second by a Picotech TC 08 data acquisition system connected to a computer.
(1) The phenomenon of chaos: (i) in behavior of the environmental interface temperature computed from the energy balance equation, (ii) in coupling of processes of vertical and horizontal energy transfers in climate models which can result in something that is much more complex than the deterministic chaos of those models (Section 2), and (2) complexity analysis of the climate model output time series which is elaborated in Section 3.
Increase your energy needs with physical activity--an important part of the energy balance equation. In order to create a successful activity plan, participate in those that you enjoy, whether it's walking your dog, riding your bike to work, or dancing; the less your chosen activity is a chore, the more rewarding and sustainable it will be.