energy balance

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energy balance

Alternative medicine
A general term for the “harmony” in an individual’s flow of life forces.
A state in which the caloric intake equals the energy consumed, such that the body weight is stable.
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energy balance

The number of calories consumed as food, minus the calories expended, e.g., during exercise.

Patient care

When consumption exceeds expenditure, a positive energy balance is present, and weight is gained. When consumption is less than energy expenditure, a negative energy balance is present, weight is lost, and risk factors for cardiovascular disease diminish.

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Energy balance of forming machines can also be evaluated for a discontinuous work cycle.
In this context, it is of extreme importance a dietary plan to satisfy the high energetic demand during more intense training (CT) or to adjust their energy intake during low intense and volume training (TT) to prevent disequilibrium in energy balance. Furthermore, energy imbalance in both CT and TT could eventually lead to anthropometric and lipid profile changes in athletes.
To estimate the energy balance, all the inputs invested in the process of grain and oil production were considered: mechanized operations, labor force, inputs, and the industrial phase (Table 1).
The energy balance closure problem, horizontally heterogeneous surface, mesoscale motions, and uncertainty in the turbulence observation are intertwined in the current research of boundary layer and land-surface process, which complicates the research.
Long term energy balance studies concerning soil tillage and crop rotations are fairly limited.
The simulation comparison results proved that the nodes in SHM system which applied the energy balance algorithm would be exhausted nearly at the same time.
The objectives of energy balance are described as follow [2]:
Energy balance of each subject was obtained by subtracting energy expenditure from energy intake.
In order to calculate energy balance indices, these input data and amount of output yield were multiplied with the coefficient of energy balance equivalent.
"The international experts forecast the high prospect of this issue in the long term, including achieving a comparable role of gas in the global energy balance in 2030-2040 years.
Experimental studies are starting to show a direct causal link between sleep loss and the body's ability to metabolise sugar, control food intake, and maintain energy balance, they argue in an article for The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.
Since the ultimate goal of WSNs is to maximize network lifetime, significant efforts have been made to improve energy-efficient routing for the perspective of energy balance.

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