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adj giving energy to; revitalizing; rejuvenating.
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Smart in-home device insight and control: Tendril Energize enables consumers to install and control a full complement of smart in-home devices made available to them through optional utility energy efficiency or demand management programs.
By empowering consumers with the tools to master their home energy use, Tendril Energize enables energy providers to promote new and different price programs, offer specific energy pricing programs, provide energy saving tips like caulking and weather-stripping, sell energy management products like programmable thermostats and smart appliances, and even manage load control.
Richard MacKay, Managing Director of Energize Electrical, commented, "The Australian economy continues to expand and the market for our services remains strong.
With over 15 members and dozens in process, EIC promotes, supports and finances clean energy projects in the commercial sector through its Energize NY programs.
To learn more about the business support available from Energize and the services provided by its clients, including Powersafe, please contact 01646 695300 or visit the website www.
The Energize America Educational Institute (EAEI), based in Princeton Junction, N.
Last, dab on Skinmarket's Up-n-at-'em Spirit Fix Aromatherapy Perfume Balm in Energize.
Make lists of those things that energize and de-energize you either at work or in other situations.
Make sure all sources cannot energize the circuit and there is no chance to bypass the locking devices installed.
But if your district or foundation has really energized residents to support public education privately, it should be easy to energize this same base to support a bigger tax increase as well.
We have a great grassroots movement we have to energize, and if you folks just continue to make nice with Clinton, and there' s no differentiation, how can we get people to the polls to support you?
area shows were all signs that the Chicks remain sassy, confident entertainers devoted to the attitude that energizes their fans, who by the way, were very energized.