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adj giving energy to; revitalizing; rejuvenating.
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EIC's Energize NY PACE program is transformational in that it will greatly broaden the availability of capital for energy savings and clean energy generation projects for commercial buildings across New York," said Alfred Griffin, president of the NY Green Bank.
Many people have not stopped to think about what energizes and de-energizes them.
Energize Electrical is historically profitable and is projected to achieve approximately USD2.
Founded in 2011 to develop innovative energy solutions for the City of Ithaca and its business community, Energize Ithaca, LLC is the end result when a diverse group of community professionals come together to solve two major problems, high energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, with one solution, CHP-DE.
In order to offer commercial lighting customers discounts on pricing, Energize Connecticut s utility partners, Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) and United Luminating (UL), are collaborating with electrical distributors like Hampden Zimmerman.
The authors take you step by step through making small changes in your work environment to energize you and your space.
We believe Energize Pro will gain positive traction with aging Americans who seek a more active and sports related lifestyle.
She adds that tapping your shoulder and working your way down your arm increases circulation that energizes the mind and body.
The Tendril Energize applications are built on Tendril Connect[TM], the company's cloud-based software platform for utilities, energy service providers, and third party product and service providers.
Tendril Energize is an application suite of important demand side energy management applications that utilities, regulators and consumer advocates find increasingly imperative to create a more efficient and effective power system.
GOP strategist Arnie Steinberg said there was a failure to energize the grass roots of the party.
Already a staple of the Thanksgiving meal, Ocean Spray will now take part in the latter by launching a campaign to energize Americans during the busiest retail day of the year - Black Friday.