energetic component

energetic component,

n encompasses six energy systems in and around the body, including acoustic, thermal, elastic, electromagnetic, photonic, and gravitational; practitioners employ avenues of intuition, balancing, and sensing to harness these elements and bring the body toward homeostasis.
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Duff's creativity and enthusiastic personality will certainly bring another energetic component to the Best Bagger Championship, and we look forward to having him there with us to crown the 2015 Best Bagger Champion.
Their results offer, in principle, the possibility to use the refined individual acids both as a chemical raw and as a source of energetic components of food.
Furthermore, Einstein postulated that the universe is one interacting whole, wherein all physical and energetic components are entangled.
As complicated as such an approach may be, the chronically ill patient has a better likelihood for a good outcome by considering the emotional and energetic components with the biochemical and biologic treatments.