The atomic arrangement -C(OH)=C(OH)- produced by proton migration from the CH of a -CHOH group that is attached to a -CO- group to the oxygen of the -CO- group (usually induced by alkali), giving rise to doubly bonded carbon atoms (the -ene group), each bearing a -CHOH group (a diol); a special case of enolization.
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3]-ITO slides photocurrents were measured in a three-electrode photoelectrochemical cell under irradiation with a Xenon lamp before and after modification with enediol ligands baring different pendant chemical groups.
It has been reported in the literature that in alkaline medium sugar will form enediol with the hydroxyl group and also that the rate of enolization is the same as the rate of oxidation [14] However, in the present study, the double reciprocal plots of the pseudo-first-order rate constants against the sugar concentrations were linear (fig.
The absorbance spectra of the TiO2/ITO slides are measured before and after deposition, annealing and surface modification with enediol ligands.