enduring improvement

enduring improvement (in·durˑ·ing im·prōōv·mnt),

n in acupuncture, the desired objective of cumula-tive therapy sessions in which the patient is able to attain a higher level of function, such as regressed symptoms, reduced medications, or improved function. Typically, the full level of response can be estimated after six or eight visits. However, to attain enduring improvement, a full schedule of 12 sessions is often necessary.
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With the help of the human resources department, they can decide whether the conflict resolution intervention can be handled by internal professionals or if it necessitates involvement of external expertise to help realize enduring improvement in teamwork and collaboration.
Runels to administer this innovative new treatment that uses the patient's own blood platelets to activate growth factors that rejuvenate the penis, allow more blood flow to the organ, enhance nerve sensitivity, and deliver enduring improvement to sexual function.
These five components have led to the four schools showing significant, enduring improvement in students' learning.
DENVER -- A novel oral formulation of tranexamic acid provided immediate and enduring improvement in two quality of life measures among women with men-orrhagia in a large open-label study.
But a large deficit on the investment income balance is showing no signs of enduring improvement, and the strong New Zealand dollar has not helped.
That said, we continue to be cautious in the way that we manage our business until there is clearer evidence of an enduring improvement in market trends.
3] With no substantive or enduring improvements witnessed since Rice's endeavor, Kerry appears to have adopted even more restricted objectives for the latest round of "peace talks" than his predecessor.
We knew we wanted to support education, so we developed a grant program designed specifically for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) that would enable them to make enduring improvements to their facilities, benefiting their students.
We're here today to tell you how local government leaders joined with community partners to make that vision come true with enduring improvements to parks, neighborhoods, streets and other public facilities.
Artefacts can only renovate - whereas icons reinvent, shine brightly, and positively manage enduring improvements through looking ahead, planning well, and executing radical brand renewals such as gazettelive and our TS microsites.
The company provides innovative research, insights and strategic advice to help its clients make more confident decisions which lead to measurable and enduring improvements in performance.