endurance training

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en·dur·ance train·ing

(en-dūr'ăns trān'ing)
Athletic activity that focused on aerobic performance (e.g., running marathons).

endurance training

Physical training for athletic events requiring prolonged effort, such as running a marathon, swimming a long distance, or climbing mountains.

Patient care

Patients who participate in endurance sports are likely to lose weight and improve their well-being, and blood glucose and cholesterol levels. It is wise to initiate training slowly, avoid overuse injuries, and gradually increase workload.


Patients who have diabetes mellitus, joint disease, a history of smoking or chronic respiratory illnesses, atherosclerotic vascular disease, loss of consciousness or seizures, or complicated medical regimens should consult with health care professionals before beginning endurance training.
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A recent review indicated that interference effects of concurrent training are associated with training variants such as exercise modality, frequency, and duration of endurance training (Wilson, Marin et al.
In conclusion, the present study shows that eight weeks of concurrent strength and endurance training has beneficial effects on musculoskeletal power, maximal oxygen uptake and record level of 1500m track and field.
thesis (comparison of the effect of two nonlinear endurance training types on plasma catecholamine responses in male wistar rats).
It was used as the average heart rate at defined intervals of the submaximal endurance training load.
Previous studies have also shown that short-term high-intensity concurrent resistance and endurance training may compromise the magnitude of strength and power development [1,3,30].
The effects of endurance training on plasma Lcn2 are still unclear, thus this study aimed to investigate the effects of endurance training (ET) on Lcn2 in overweight and obese men.
Typically endurance training involves LSD runs, HR fartlek, and perhaps light intervals.
Providing better flexibility for strength, cardio and functional training, the VMX cardio programmes apply for both general fitness and athletes, used in warm-up sessions, fitness fat burning, aerobic endurance training, anaerobic performance training and for maximum effort.
Unlike most sporting events, obstacle course racing does not need specialised skills, hardcore endurance training, or other rigid physical preparation.
undertaking endurance training while also continuing resistance training) compromises tissue adaptation, and therefore the body's response to either.
The DVD explains how to perform muscular endurance training on key stabilizing muscles to help prevent pain, work more comfortably and tone your body.
It is for girls in sixth to eighth grade, and each session includes rigorous but age-appropriate endurance training, jumping exercises, strength training, flexibility exercises, speed and agility events, basketball skill drills and scrimmaging.