endurance phase

en·dur·ance phase

(en-dūr'ăns fāz)
This phase is used to develop the cardiorespiratory fitness of the participant. It includes 20 to 60 minutes of continuous or intermittent aerobic exercise.
Synonym(s): cardiorespiratory training.
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In a related study, 42% of young women in age group of 25-34 (idealistic achievement phase) faced barriers at work as compared to 34% of women aged 35-54--pragmatic endurance phase (Roberts, 2014).
Measurements are recorded and analyzed in 4 phases: (1) initial baseline phase: 60-second evaluation with the patient at rest to determine the initial resting baseline EMG; (2) rapid contraction phase: recording of electrical activity while performing five phasic rapid contractions; (3) tonic contraction and endurance phase: recording of electrical activity of pelvic floor and abdominal wall muscles following a total of 5 contractions of 10 seconds each, with a resting interval time of 10 seconds; (4) late baseline phase: 60-second evaluation with the patient at rest to determine the final resting baseline EMG activity.
Two minutes after the endurance phase, the resistance phase was performed.
The time seems slow but the training's going really well though I'm at the endurance phase."
The courses, which last six months, begin with an endurance phase, held in the Brecon Beacons, and lasting three weeks.
Armstrong is working to a strict plan with the players, having now completed the endurance phase first - including long, tiring hill runs near their training ground - and improved strength and power.
American Olympic rider Bruce Davidson, who finished Saturday's speed and endurance phase in eighth place, was subsequently disqualified by the Ground Jury when his nine-year-old Man of Stars was found to have spur marks on both sides.
New Zealander Todd's 11-year-old Stunning lived up to his name with an impeccable test which put him in pole position for today's speed and endurance phase.
Both horses then went clear inside the time in the speed and endurance phase, where they had to tackle the traditional roads and tracks and steeplechase sections as well as the cross country course.
Todd's New Zealand team-mate Blyth Tait, on his Atlanta Olympics gold medal partner Ready Teddy, also stayed in contention for the start of today's decisive speed and endurance phase, which includes a big 32-obstacle cross-country course.
The pair's form improved immeasurably during the speed and endurance phase, with a fine cross-country clear that saw them come home fault free inside the optimum time.
This year's event will be run without the steeplechase and endurance phases for the first time and competitors will have to set off around the cross-country course without the official warm-up phases.