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the ability to sustain an activity over a period of time.
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The ability to sustain a physical activity, perform repetitive submaximal contractions, or exert a force for a prolonged period
Types Aerobic endurance—the basis of all forms of endurance—anaerobic endurance, speed endurance, strength endurance
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The ability to continue performing a given task over a prolonged period of time Sports medicine 'The ability to perform repetitive submaximal contractions', often understood to occur after a long period of time. Cf Eccentric contraction.
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Ability of muscle (e.g., cardiac or skeletal) and the musculoskeletal system to sustain a force, or generate a force repeatedly over time.
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The time limit of a person's ability to maintain either a specific force or power involving muscular contractions.
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Patient discussion about endurance

Q. Does anyone have tips to increase on my cardio endurance levels, like by supplementation? Does anyone have tips to increase on my cardio endurance levels, like by supplementation? I am regular with my exercise and good diet….

A. Your cardio is different and has no role and connection with endurance. The more you become stronger with exercises like aerobic and anaerobic the stronger your muscles, joints and your heart. Please, no extra supplementation is required and only balanced diet. You can increase on workout timing as endurance has a link with increased timing which it will give to your body and heart as well.

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A statistician might call Cooper's r=0.90 a spurious correlation, and would not at all be impressed that this result represented evidence of endurance as Cooper and unfortunately others had legions of researchers believe.
Al Ain Endurance Stables rider Nawaz Zafar Nawaz Shah took third place in a time of 5:16.30 seconds.
"So we have to look at the effects of endurance or athletic training with a more open view," he added.
In January 2007, Kingdom Equestrian Team won the 2007 Bahrain Endurance Championship.
It is worth mentioning that well-known riders and horses of the endurance world took part in this particular race.
Endurance Reinsurance will occupy the entire 18th and 19th floors and will be relocating to the building from 230 Park Avenue, where it occupies 11,000 s/f.
Ron Lawrence, marathons and other endurance events now offer state-of-the-art medical triage and treatment onsite.
Try the twice weekly weight-room workouts both in-season and in the off-season for a while and see if there is improvement in strength, power, and endurance in the water.
The risk of lone AF appeared to increase once a man exceeded about 1,500 lifetime hours of endurance sports activity, or 3 hours per week for 10 years.
That said, the sequence of exercise for muscle endurance goals is not as crucial since it's necessary to reach fatigue in these programs, as opposed to trying to avoid it.
This time, the Coast Guard will be flying the Predator B, a turboprop-powered aircraft with significantly better altitude, speed and endurance capability.