In health care, the final state of a manufacturing, therapeutic, or statistical process.
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Maramaldi noted the skin is particularly vulnerable to "the glycation mechanism, a reaction occurring when a sugar like glucose or fructose and proteins, lipids, or DNA interact non-enzymatically, leading to the production of glycotoxins (Advanced Glycation Endproduct, AGEs, and Advanced Lipoxidation Endproducts, ALEs).
When the materials available can make a real difference to the quality and performance of the endproduct, product designers can give due consideration to thermal aspects in the early stages of their projects.
His energy is infectious, his endproduct improving, and his potential frightening.
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It didn't produce any endproduct (although Beevers was booked for upending Agyei after Mr Stockbridge had initially played the advantage) and Bolton rediscovered their attacking mojo on the hour as Burge got down smartly to save Ameobi's deflected shot before Clough won a free-kick off Sterry (also yellow-carded) and curled it against the foot of the post with Burge beaten.
I'm just the endproduct of a fantastic group of players.
Apart from Ashley Westwood's free-kick, curled wide from 30 yards, again there was not enough endproduct to their possession.
Butyrateproduction in continuous culture of Clostridium tyrobutyricum: Effect of endproduct inhibition.
The endproduct is them sold back to window manufacturers or plastic injection moulding firms.