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1. characterized or accompanied by the absorption of heat.
2. pertaining to or characterized by endothermy.
3. homeothermic.


/en·do·ther·mal/ (-ther´mal) endothermic.


, endothermic (en″dō-thĕr′măl) (en″dō-thĕr′mik) [ endo- + thermo-]
1. Storing up potential energy or heat.
2. Absorbing heat.
3. Pert. to absorption of heat during chemical reactions.
4.. Pert. to a warm-blooded animal.

endothermal, endothermic

1. characterized by the absorption of heat.
2. pertaining to endothermy.
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This meant that the adsorption process was an endothermal process.
It was also found that the whole endothermal enthalpy remained the same as the lower melting peak turned to be larger with increasing isothermal time.
According to Iijima and Strobl (24), the endothermal contribution on the low-temperature side of the DSC trace indicates the presence of [alpha] crystallites with varying stability.
g] endothermal maxima that intensified and moved to higher temperatures with Increasing annealing time.
g,1], are followed by high-temperature endothermal effects spanning intervals 300-480 K.
It may be noted that in DSC heating scans of PP2 and PP3 samples [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 9C OMITTED], twin endothermal peaks due to melting were observed corresponding to the [Alpha] form (monoclinic structure with lower melting temperature) and [Gamma] form (triclinic structure with higher melting temperature) (44, 45).
However, the addition of PE to the PP+EPDM resulted in two endothermal peaks with one related to the PP and the other to the PE phase.