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(19.) We split slant according to the number of DEM and GOP endorsements in each quartile (see Table 5): only the fourth quartile is GOP-leaning (with 24 of the 53 newspapers which endorsed the GOP candidate, and only 13 of the 99 DEM endorsements), which is why a GOP endorsement will be classified as consistent if issued by a newspaper in this particular quartile.
This MCS-90 endorsement is designed to protect the motoring public by guaranteeing a minimum level of compensation for injured claimants (currently $750,000).
We have also included the Step by Step Process for the 2016 Endorsement for you to be able to follow as it progresses.
(SeeFTC Endorsement Guidelines, 16 CFR [sec]255.0(b) [link here:].)
Summary: Consumer, celebrity, and expert endorsements can be an effective way to market your company’s products and services.
The Presidential Family Forum, as the event is called, could go a long way toward sealing the deal with Vander Plaats, who has signaled he could make an endorsement in the coming weeks.
Celebrity endorsement is a well-established marketing strategy used in many countries (CHOI, LEE; KIM, 2005, KIM; NA, 2007, GUREL; KAHLE, 2010).
Individuals wanting to become insurance claims investigators will now need an endorsement coming from either the Association of Philippine Adjustment Companies (APAC) or Philippine Institute of Loss Adjusters (PILA), the government regulator said.
The endorsement of Senate President Vicente 'Tito' Sotto III will be a 'tremendous boost' to any candidate running in the upcoming May 13 polls, reelectionist senators said Monday.
This was contained in a statement issued and signed by the national publicity secretary of the group, Mr Yinka Odumakin, who described the endorsement as the wishful thinking of what he termed 'a fake group doing the bidding of its paymaster.'
The marketers delve into the consumers' interest and make strategies to gain their attention through endorsement of a popular showbiz or sports star.