endoplasmic reticulum

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 [rĕ-tik´u-lum] (L.)
1. a small network, especially a protoplasmic network in cells.
agranular reticulum smooth-surfaced endoplasmic reticulum.
endoplasmic reticulum an ultramicroscopic organelle of nearly all higher plant and animal cells, consisting of a system of membrane-bound cavities in the cytoplasm, occurring in two types: granular or rough-surfaced, bearing large numbers of ribosomes on its outer surface, and agranular or smooth-surfaced.
granular reticulum rough-surfaced endoplasmic reticulum.
sarcoplasmic reticulum a form of agranular reticulum in the sarcoplasm of striated muscle, comprising a system of smooth-surfaced tubules surrounding each myofibril.
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en·do·plas·mic re·tic·u·lum (ER),

the network of cytoplasmic tubules or flattened sacs (cisternae) with (rough ER) or without (smooth ER) ribosomes on the surface of their membranes in eukaryotes.
Synonym(s): endomembrane system
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endoplasmic reticulum

A membrane network within the cytoplasm of cells involved in the synthesis, modification, and transport of cellular materials.
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en·do·plas·mic re·tic·u·lum

(ER) (en'dō-plas'mik rĕ-tik'yū-lŭm)
The network of cytoplasmic tubules or flattened sacs (cisternae) with (rough ER) or without (smooth ER) ribosomes on the surface of their membranes in eukaryotes.
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endoplasmic reticulum

A highly convoluted membrane system within cells to which RIBOSOMES attach themselves for protein synthesis. The endoplasmic reticulum is also the site of many other cell metabolic reactions.
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endoplasmic reticulum (ER)

a series of interconnected, flattened cavities called cysternae, lined with a thin membrane about 4 nm thick which is continuous with the NUCLEAR MEMBRANE. It can be covered with RIBOSOMES, when it is referred to as rough ER, or ribosomes may be absent in which case the ER is known as smooth ER and is associated with lipid synthesis. See GOLGI APPARATUS.
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en·do·plas·mic re·tic·u·lum

(ER) (en'dō-plas'mik rĕ-tik'yū-lŭm)
The network of cytoplasmic tubules or flattened sacs with or without ribosomes on the surface of their membranes.
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