endometrial curettage

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endometrial curettage

Gynecology A scraping of the endometrium to obtain tissue for histologic evaluation. See D&C.


[Fr.] the cleansing of a diseased surface, as with a curette.

endometrial curettage
physical curettage of the uterus is not practiced in animals but chemical irritation achieves a similar effect and is used in cows. The commonest infusion is an iodine preparation such as Lugol's iodine.
subgingival curettage
aids in the treatment of periodontal disease; consists of removing inflammatory tissue under the free gingival margin and adjacent bony structures.


pertaining to or emanating from the endometrium.

endometrial biopsy
punch biopsy specimens obtained in the mare and cow by passing the instrument through the cervix and controlling the site of the biopsy by a hand in the rectum.
endometrial cups
ulcer-like structures in the endometrium of the pregnant mare. They are produced by the fetus but become detached from it. Their function is to produce equine gonadotropin, formerly PMSG.
endometrial curettage
débridement of the endometrium by metal curette is not practiced in animals but a chemical equivalent, by the infusion of irritant substances, is used instead.
endometrial cyst
in cows and ewes near caruncles; develop during uterine involution due to adhesions from the caruncle; no clinical importance.
cystic endometrial hyperplasia
pathological hyperplasia of endometrium, as distinct from the physiological state, due in most instances to excessive and prolonged estrogenic stimulation; characterized by thickening of the endometrium, development of mucus-filled glands and the accumulation of mucus in the lumen of the uterus. Associated with cystic ovarian disease in cows. In ewes it is usually due to prolonged low level intake of phyto-estrogens, e.g. on subterranean clover pasture. It may be a precursor of or associated with pyometra, especially in the dog where the hormonal cause is progesterone. See also pyometra.
endometrial folds
in the mare these run the length of the uterus as observed by fiberscope.
endometrial glands
provide uterine fluid (histotrophe) on which the developing fetus depends for subsistence during its first few days of existence.
endometrial hyperplasia with pyometra
see cystic endometrial hyperplasia.
endometrial polyp
found in the bitch and may cause prolapse of the affected horn with the polyp visible in the vagina.
endometrial regeneration
postpartum return to normal of the endometrium, e.g. in cows by the sloughing of superficial layers of caruncles.
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Endometrial curettage samples had been transported in 10% formalin to the pathology laboratory.
He reports a focal decidual vasculopathy-like change in an endometrial curettage specimen from a woman who had previously undergone an ablation procedure, and he inquired about the presence of such a lesion in the case we reported.
It is consistent with study by Aiza Saadia et al (2011) (19), where the positive predictive value and specificity of endometrial curettage in diagnosing endometrial cancer found was 100% and negative predictive value was 93.
However, the value of endometrial curettage is in the establishment of histopathologic diagnosis.
Comparison with curettage: Over the years endometrial curettage has remained the gold standard for evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding.
Surgical interventions were also performed which include adhesiolysis, fimbrioplasty, tubal cannulation, Ovarian drilling, fulguration of endometriotic lesions, cyst excision, hysteroscopic polypectomy and endometrial curettage.
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