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 [en″do-me´tre-um] (pl. endome´tria) (Gr.)
the mucous membrane lining the uterus. adj., adj endome´trial.


Plural of endometrium.


Plural of endometrium.
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One endometrial polyp, obtained from a case of cryopreserved endometrioid carcinoma, and 9 frozen archived endometrioid endometrial carcinomas were also analyzed by immunohistochemistry in order to examine expression of CD117 in malignant endometria, as well as to identify suitable cases for CD117 immunoprecipitation and Western blot analysis (selection criteria and blotting methodology are described below).
Thirteen (93%) of the proliferative endometria were positively immunostained for CD117, of which 5 cases had intense, focal cytoplasmic staining within epithelial cells (Figure 1), 6 cases exhibited intense membrane staining correlating with the terminal bar of isolated ciliated epithelial cells (Figure 2), and 2 cases had both cytoplasmic and terminal bar staining.
Our intent was to evaluate the molecular weight and amount of CD117 in endometrial tissue to confirm antibody specificity, as well as to potentially identify aberrant forms (ie, truncations) of this growth factor receptor in endometria.
16,24-26] Therefore, in benign endometria in which levels of c-Kit expression may be lower relative to the carcinomas, antigen retrieval may be necessary to increase the sensitivity of the assay.