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Moreover, a specific focus on low-frequency SSNHL should be set to better assess the possibility of an endolymphatic hydrops in such cases.
Endolymphatic hydrops, with a presentation similar to bilateral Meniere disease (fluctuating hearing loss, severe hearing loss, and vertigo), has been also reported [49, 50].
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While endolymphatic hydrops is still thought to be the cause of Meniere disease, this theory has been challenged and migraine has been implicated as a common etiology between vestibular migraine and Meniere disease.
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Meniere's disease or other forms of endolymphatic hydrops. Meniere's disease, characterized by abnormally high fluid pressure within the
Named after French physician Prosper Meniere who first described the syndrome in 1861, Meniere's disease is now also referred to as endolymphatic hydrops.
The pathophysiology of Meniere's disease is unknown, although dilation of the membranous labyrinth (i.e., endolymphatic hydrops) is a closely associated finding on post-mortem studies [9] and, increasingly, on in vivo imaging as well [10, 11].
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(20), the authors were able to demonstrate endolymphatic hydrops in 4 of 19 VM patients with cochlear symptoms.